Cute children's book cartoon style pet portrait

Cute children's book cartoon style pet portrait


You will receive an A4 size original illustration designed and created by me,  posted in a protective parcel.


I will need a little informaiton to make the illustration and this can either be via you or the gift recipient if you give a gift card.


Photo's are great! This allows me to get to know them a little better. Please see the additional information section to learn more.


When creating a portrait, I choose the style related to my “feel “  for the subject and what I think will work best in my representation of the image.

Each artwork is unique and may be

  • painted
  • digitally finished and professionally printed

Either way its my original and unique work.


The artwork will arrive to you flat and un-matted and unframed so that you can design framing to match your decor and preference.

The price of $50.00 is for the illustration of three subjects of choice. For more than three key subjects the price will increase in increments of $10.00 for each additional person / pet (for example four subjects in one image would cost $60.00 Au, while five would cost $70.00 Au.


Gift certificates are also available. These portraits are certainly a unique gift opportunity for that special someone in your life as well, and could be gifts for teachers, friends, weddings, anniversaries, just for fun, or to commemorate a special event.


Have questions? just contact me and I'm happy to answer any queries or offer advice on pricing.

I will need certain information from you to make the portrait as individualised and representative of your subject as possible.


I like to work from images so photographs are helpful. (Photos will be deleted from my end once the product is complete and you have happily received it). It is also helpful to have information about the subject, for instance, likes and hobbies, favourite toys etc, personality, ‘in jokes’, to make it as personal as possible.


My style is fairly diverse and can be cartoon style line and wash to more solid ‘picture book style’ illustrations – please see the examples provided.