ABOUT  dibbydabby

About me

I absolutely love to draw and paint and use both traditional and digital mediums.

I enjoy developing funny, whimsical, quirky characters getting up to all sorts of activities, from the most mundane to weird and wonderful adventures.  

What is a dibbydabby? 

The name dibbydabby is the first word our daughter said – well - word she created when first learning to talk. We think it was meant to be Teletubby’s but dibbydabby stuck  :) 

My illustration style

My style is flexible and diverse but I also have the ability to retain consistency when required. My strengths lay in characters that have substance and personality - this is evidenced by the feedback I have received from others.

I develop a relationship with my characters as I watch each unique persona develop. 

I absolutely adore drawing for children and adults alike, for anyone who has not lost that wonderful ability to enjoy
and ponder the wonder of childhood and continue to imagine wonderful, whimsical, and fanciful things.